Before the next sahabah post please read this blog. This blog post makes you realise how great this sin is even though many don’t realise it. This is one of the major differences between us and the sahabah. The Sahabah رضي الله عنه‎‎ realised how detrimental each and every sin could be and thus spent their lives going to great lengths trying to rectify and gain forgiveness for their sins. How many of us can say that we have control of our gaze? If we can identify a non mahram, if we can put a face to that person we obviously don’t! Leave alone just looking at a non-mahram, how many of us have even -Astaghfirullah- seen the satr of a non mahram? Immodest dressing has become so common that nobody even registers its wrong anymore. Take for example short pants, the thigh is the satr of even a male to a male and a female to a female, leave alone a non mahram of the opposite gender yet its sad that some of our muslims even dress like that not realising that their own mother is not even supposed to see that as it is satr yet they dress like that in public. Read this story and ask ourselves- how often do we sin and once we recognize the sins we’ve committed, whether they’re major or minor sins…how does recognizing our sins affect us? Do we stop upon recognition and feel remorse and turn to Allah seeking forgiveness, or are we too busy and heedless to even recognize the sin let alone repent to Allah. And some of us pay so little attention to sins, that we don’t even think they’re worth thinking about because we assume they’re so ‘insignificant’. May Allah give us all the ability to recognize our sins, turn to Him in sincere repentance and may He forgive us, Ameen!