Rekindling The Flame Of Imaan

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November 2016

Darul Khair: Madrassah Aishah Siddiqah brings you yet another exciting, stimulating Islamic activity book. It will keep your child occupied while immersing them in wonderful activities.
It is a fun Islamic alternative to other less than savoury sources of entertainment, like television etc. and an interesting source of both secular and Islamic Knowledge. It appeals to children with activities like spot the differences, crosswords, mazes and colour-ins. All this just for the amazing price of R 20.00.
This book however is uniquely different from others. Why? Simply because it targets tweens and teens. There are many initiatives out there for Muslim kids but it is difficult to find one that will hold their attention as they get bigger.
In Sadeeqi 3 we’ve endeavoured to attain that and more. It’s jam-packed with fun activities while at the same time being an interesting source of both secular and Islamic knowledge.
In simple words, Sadeeqi 3 is a wonderful alternative for the youth, to the less than savoury sources of entertainment provided by the west. It will have your child hooked, or should I say booked. Mothers, don’t be surprised if your fingers start itching to join them.
Proceeds from Sadeeqi 3 will go towards equipping the Madrassah’s Library.
Ps: Sadeeqi 2 is also available at R10.00 each.
Contact Details:
Tel: 036 635 3136 | Cell: 073 750 0030


‘A flute from the flutes of Dawood عليه السلام’

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

When he went to Basrah as governor of the city, he called the inhabitants to a meeting and addressed them: “The Amir al-Muminin, Umar رضي الله عنه , has sent me to you to teach you the Book of your Lord and the Sunnah of His Prophet and to clean your streets for you.”

People were taken aback when they heard these words. They could easily understand that one of the responsibilities of a Muslim ruler was to instruct people in their religion. However, that one of his duties should be to clean streets was something new and surprising to them. Who was this governor of whom the Prophet’s grandson, Hasan, رضي الله عنه said: “There was no rider who came to Basrah who was better for its people than he.”

His real name was Abdullah ibn Qays but he was and continues to be known as Abu Musa al-Ashari رضي الله عنه . He had many great qualities. He was a faqih endowed with intelligence and sound judgement and was ranked as one of the leading judges in the early Muslim community. People used to say: “The judges in this ummah are four: Umar, Ali, Abu Musa and Zayd ibn Thabit رضي الله عنه .”

Dawood عليه السلامhas a very awe-inspiring voice, which Allah had not bestowed upon anyone before him. When Prophet Dawud recited from the Zabur, the birds would stand still in the air, and they would all listen to his beautiful recitation. Then the birds would repeat with him, each with a different sound and in a delightful tune.

In the field of jihad, he was a warrior of great courage and endurance and skill. The Prophet ﷺsaid of him: “The master of horsemen is Abu Musa.” In spite of the fact that Abu Musa رضي الله عنه was a strong and powerful warrior, he often left the battlefield transformed into a penitent, weeping person. In fact, his greatest feat is that, he would read the Quran in a voice so sweet that it profoundly stirred the souls of all who listened to him. Concerning his moving and melodious recitation of the Quran the Prophet, ﷺ, had said: “Abu Musa has indeed been given one of the flutes of the family of Dawood عليه السلام.”

The last part of his blessed life was spent in Makkah Mukaramah near the sacred mosque. He became so attached to the Qur’an al-Karim, reading it, memorizing it, understanding it and acting upon it. His advice regarding the Qur’an is full of wisdom. He  said:”Follow the Qur’an and do not desire that the Qur’an should follow you.”

He was absolutely committed to ibadats night and day. Fasting when the heat was intense was his speciality. He would fast in the most unbearable condition saying:”Perhaps the thirst of the midday heat would prove to be a means of relief for us on the Day of Qiyamah.”

Ibn Qays رضي الله عنه was a man of peace who only engaged in war as a means to greater peace and who returned to His Lord with the message of peace on his blessed tongue. What he loved repeating most when alive was what he was repeating over and over as his noble soul departed his exalted body; “Allahumma anta salam wa minka salam …”

May Allah SWT increase His favours eternally and without measure on this great Qadi who has served Islam in all fields displaying in the best of ways the greatest love for Allah SWT, His most beloved Rasulullah  and the Ummah chosen by Allah SWT as the best, through the rank of Qur’an al-Karim, Ameen.

Last night I fell in love ❤…

~ I bleed poetry ~

I begin writing this not knowing if my words would flow as effortlessly as they normally do…..
Not knowing if I would be able to finish this piece of writing without abandoning it,scrapping it altogether and pressing delete…..
With trembling fingers I attempt this as I wonder; “am I worthy of this task?”….

My fear is this; that I will not be able to relay the true essence of my emotions, the beauty of my thoughts and of my love and understanding as I aim to recreate my episode of falling in love with you….

Falling in love is a feeling worthy of reeling in for days, for weeks for months. But this love I will reel in for all of eternity….

So last night I fell in love! I began reading a book on the lives of the prophets (A.S),may Allah be pleased with them all, a few weeks…

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