Darul Khair: Madrassah Aishah Siddiqah brings you yet another exciting, stimulating Islamic activity book. It will keep your child occupied while immersing them in wonderful activities.
It is a fun Islamic alternative to other less than savoury sources of entertainment, like television etc. and an interesting source of both secular and Islamic Knowledge. It appeals to children with activities like spot the differences, crosswords, mazes and colour-ins. All this just for the amazing price of R 20.00.
This book however is uniquely different from others. Why? Simply because it targets tweens and teens. There are many initiatives out there for Muslim kids but it is difficult to find one that will hold their attention as they get bigger.
In Sadeeqi 3 we’ve endeavoured to attain that and more. It’s jam-packed with fun activities while at the same time being an interesting source of both secular and Islamic knowledge.
In simple words, Sadeeqi 3 is a wonderful alternative for the youth, to the less than savoury sources of entertainment provided by the west. It will have your child hooked, or should I say booked. Mothers, don’t be surprised if your fingers start itching to join them.
Proceeds from Sadeeqi 3 will go towards equipping the Madrassah’s Library.
Ps: Sadeeqi 2 is also available at R10.00 each.
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