Zaaday Raah - The Caravan of Faith

I loved it so much that I am sharing it here. This is written by Imam Omer Suleiman. May Allah SWT grant us pious spouses and may we are able to lead a life in His submission together. ameen.

“Imagine…sitting with your spouse in Jannah. And then deciding what the plans would be for that day…

Should we go outside, sit on our thrones, with waterfalls of milk and honey flowing beneath us? And enjoy a cup of Jannah wine, while smelling the sweet scent of Jannah musk?

Should we go to the souq, the market place, and meet all of our old friends that we used to kick it off with in the dunya, and talk about what dunya was like, and how we all made it here, and how Allah (swt) bestowed His favor upon us?

And then your spouse says, you know what, how about we…

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